Sindhupalchok Floods Wash Away 15 Houses, 2 Dead, 18 missing, 2 wounded


July 9, 2020/Sindhupalchok-
Flooding in Barahbise municipality of Sindhupalchok has washed away 15 houses leaving two dead and 18 go missing and two people missing.

The tragic incident took place on Wednesday night due to the incessant rain in the region and waters from Almo Thado Khola and Kabre Khola entered the settlements at midnight.
So far only the bodies of Nikesh Basnet, 20 and his three-year-old daughter have been recovered.
Rescue operation with the help of a Nepali army team and armed police force is underway.

The floods have also caused damage to various road sections and bridges along the Araniko Highway.

Every year the flooding due to incessant rain causes a lot of lose of both life and property.
However, the play on the nature with deforestation and exploitation of natural resources has led to such calamities, human beings ignore.