Sita Nepali Becomes the First Dalit Female Minister of Nepal

अंग्रेजी राजनीति

Wednesday, May 12, 2021/Birendranagar-
Sita Nepali the Karnali provincial lawmaker has become the first Dalit female minister of Nepal.

Lawmaker Nepali has become the new Water Resources and Energy Development Minister of Karnali.

Nepali who is also the chief whip of CPN(Maoist Centre) had become the provincial lawmaker from Proportionate representation.

She had lived an underground life in the decade long Maoist people’s war period and hails from Surkhet.

Earlier she had been also parliamentarian at the federal level.

Though the country already had got it’s first female dalit state minister like the federal State Industry Minister Bimala Biswakarma, there was no cabinet minister so far.

Karnali Chief Minister has appointed Nepali along with Gopal Sharma(Rukum West) and Bindaman Bista(Surkhet) as the new Ministers on Wednesday.

They are scheduled to take oath of office on Thursday 11 am morning.
(With her husband)

She had done a inter-caste marriage during her underground life and remained a happy one, with one son.

Karnali has the largest number of dalit population in the country.

Chief Minister Shahi had parted the Physical Development Minister and created Water Resources and Energy Development Ministry.

Many organisations both dalit and non-dalit have hailed the decision.

It took 13 years for Nepal to get a female dalit minister.