Smitha Dahal coming up with ‘Jalmai parchhu’

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July 18, 2019-Kathmandu

The young and emerging singer Smitha Dahal is all set to release her song ‘Jalmai Parchhu’ on July 19.

It has been produced by Pravin Shah, under the banner of Grishma Broadcasting.

Smitha Dahal and Ashish Aviral have given their vocal and one can see actress Aachal Sharma and actor Bhiju Parki in the visual.

The lyrics is written by Ek Narayan Bhandari.

Dahal belongs to a political family as she is the grand daughter of CPN Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’.

She commenced her singing carreer as a child singer and has come up with numerous songs before.


Her song with Prakash Saput also been in highlights recently.

All the preparations are complete and the song will be released in Chhaya Centre of Thamel amid a program at 11:00 am on Friday.

The walker magazine and online wishes success to the entire team.