Snowfall in Karnali affects normal life


Jumla: Jumla, Mugu, Humla and Dolpa districts have witnessed snowfall since 11:00 am Tuesday.

The snowfall has caused difficulty in daily life of the people. The upper area seeing more snowfall consequently had sharp decline in temperature.

The Weather Field Office, Jumla, has informed that the temperature in the Karnali regional has declined to minus six degree.

The elderly citizens and disabled ones have are hit hard with the adverse weather. The employees at District Administration Office, Land Revenue Office and municipality office are making fire on the office premises.

The District Education Office informed that the students have seen tough time as they are appearing the district level programme.

The drinking water supply has been disrupted as the water pipes broke with iced water.

Moreover, the number of people suffering viral fever increased lately. Even the air flight between Jumla and Nepalgunj is disrupted.  It is also reported from Jajarkot that the snowfall begun early Tuesday morning has badly affected people’s life.

The upper belt of Barkot Rural Municipality, Triveni Municipality and Junichande Rural Municipality saw the snow bringing severe cold. RSS