Staffs are most important in hotel Industry Santosh Neupane, GM-Hotel Siddhartha

अंग्रेजी अन्तर्वार्ता

Which star is your hotel?

-At present it is 3 star. We are trying for 4 star now.

How many star hotels in the Nepalgunj?

-Around 8 of them.

Since when Siddhartha has been operating ?

-It has been 20 years now. Earlier we served in New-road. This building is new and bigger comparatively.



How many total staffs?

-Right now we have around 100 of them, but it changes as per the seasonal demand.

Number of rooms?

-There are 125 total rooms of different rates in our hotel.

How long is your experience in the field?

-Well, since its our family business, I was involved in it since my plus two levels. Then after finishing my Bachelor in Hotel Management in Nepal; I went to Australia for MHM. Recently have joined the work again.

So you returned back?

-Yeah, I had to as I was suppose to take care of the family business.

Would you return if no family business?

-Perhaps, no ! Because had our family business not awaiting me and my relatives not having expectations from me, like my friends I would have also stayed back. In my University in Australia, in every ten years, only 2 people wished to stay in the home country.

What is the name of the University?

-It was Toront University. Out of the total students graduating from Australia around fifty percent come from there. I graduated from the Blue Mountain Hotel School.

How is the business?

-Comparatively it is not very satisfactory, as the earlier days. Our main season is for 4 months only. Most of the customers are from India. Tourists for Mansarovar do come to Nepalgunj for Humla(Simikot) route. The new structural demarcation and provincial headquarters have drastically changed the flow of the tourists. Additionally most of the market in our city is controlled by few business houses.

So what  is the first important thing for a hotel?

-Good Staff is the foremost important thing for a hotel. One cannot manage and look after each and every thing in the hotel Industry. Thus, good staffs are the assets. If they are not groomed well or their behavior towards the guests may have a long lasting impression about the hotel. Sometimes we may not even meet the guests, but they are welcomed by the staffs. So they make the great difference in the service sector.