Students get individual attention and personal care- Bijay K.C, MD Atharva college

अंग्रेजी अन्तर्वार्ता

1.When was Atharva established ?

It was  established in 2013 AD. with it’s affiliation with Pokhara University. It had Bachelors in Business Administration(BBA) alone in the initial days. Since last year we have also introduced Bachelors in Hotel Management(BHM) and Bachelors in Health Care Management(BHCM), with 43 seats in each faculty.

2.What is the changing trend in students now a days?

Now a days students don’t opt only for professions like doctor, engineers, teachers, government sector etc. They are choosing some new sectors which have appeared as per the development in modern technology. There has been specialization in every sector. Their confidence level has also increased. But there has been another side of the trend also. Now a days as soon as the SLC is over the students commence to prepare for abroad studies. This is not a good sign. Most of them don’t return back. They are lost in the living standard and income generated. After a certain time they should return back. This is a total loss to the Nation.

  1. What is the speciality of your college?

Before the admission we counsel the students to opt for the field of their interest. Immediately after the admission we hold an interaction program so that they share their suggestions and views with their teachers. During the 7th and 8th semester; we introduce our students to experts of the related fields. It’s not that after taking up management education you need to work only in bank. The experts come from different sectors like insurance, corporate houses, hospitals, hospitality industries, airlines etc.

We have a good range of physical infrastructure, with the facilities of hostel, transportation and classrooms are well equipped with technology. We do conduct career counseling for the students. Annually we also run Sports week. The students are also specially groomed with personality development. Students can interact with ideal personalities of the society. Each of them get personal care. In case of BHM students, they are taken to 5 star hotels after every semester for their practical exposer.