Syangja Police: ‘I love You Wife, Good Night !’


December 2, 2020/Syangja-
Syangja district police has started ‘I love you wife, good night’ campaign in order to maintain affection and intimacy in the family.

It has been 3 months the Syangja police has given continuity to the campaign and it has worked.

“Earlier, there were lot of complaints from the relatives of the police pouring in regarding police personnel not sending money to their families, not paying the fees of the children in time, extra-marital affairs, lack of family gathering and meetings along others. But slowly the problems are decreasing. This shows that the campaign has turned to be productive,” says district chief SP Hobindra Bogati.

“When we commenced the campaign, it became a topic of laughter and joke for many, but slowly people are understanding it’s significance and role,” SP Bogati added.

“It’s not that we don’t love our family, but if we don’t learn to express it a big gap can be created between us and because of our job nature that we have to stay away from our family, such expression of love through words can bring drastic changes. And if our family members are happy, that reflects in our nature and task we under take,” he explained.

“This campaign should not be limited to police force or Syangja district alone, in fact it should be expanded to all the sectors of the society; after all love is the core of all things. Everyone needs love and attention,” he said.

He recalled a recent case in which he had called a wife of a police personnel with Gurung caste in remote Gorkha district. The wife said that she feels very shy about what her husband says, but feels very happy about it. She even told him that she waits every evening for her husband’s call. She even told that it had been 16 years for their marriage, but her husband had never expressed so much love.

The Syangja police has given the responsibility as a focal officer to DSP Rajendra Adhikari for the same. Adhikari calls the family members of the police deployed in the district and makes sure that they are being called.

Syangja police has done a miracle by a small campaign though, it has really made the police personnel family feel safe, secured, happy and loved.