TEWAN Makes Insurance For 19 Women Selling Vegetables in Pokhara

अंग्रेजी स्वास्थ्य

June 27, 2020/Pokhara-
Tourism Entrepreneur Women Association Nepal(TEWAN) has done Corona insurance for 19 poor women sustaining by selling vegetables and fruits in Pokhara.
The Corona insurance was collectively done for fruit and vegetable vendors, who sold their products going door to door or on the footpath and had high risk of the disease.
The agreement has been signed between TEWAN and LLG insurance on Thursday.
“We saw that these ladies went around selling their products to people during this lockdown period with risk for their sustainance. It is also the question of survival for poor people. Thus, we decided to make insurance for them, ” informed Lucky Karki Chhetri, the president of TEWAN.
The insurance period will be until the month of Chaitra.
Each will get one lakh rupees if they are detected covid-19 positive.
Pokhara is a famous tourism hub of Nepal and the women had good income prior to lockdown levied to control the pandemic, going to restaurants and hotels to sell their products.
However the survival question has forced them to continue with their occupation though the times are hard.