The bodies of Gurja climbers brought to Kathmandu for post-mortem

अंग्रेजी विश्व

 Myagdi/October 14, 2018: Dead bodies of the climbers have been brought to Kathmandu from the accident site in Gurja base camp in Myagdi district.

A violent snowstorm had killed 9 climbers five-Korean and four Nepalese guide, in western Nepal on Saturday.

The body of a local guide Netra Chhantyal has been left back, upon the request of the victim’s family.

The bodies of Korean team leader Kim chang ho, Lee jaehun, Rim il jin, Yoo youngjik, Jeong joon mo; along with Nepalese guides Chhiring Bhote, Dena Aangjuk Bhote, Phurpu Bhote were brought to Kathmandu.

However, the liaison officer has been out of contact, even until the bodies have been brought to T.U Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu for post mortem.

The crew of a rescue helicopter began retrieving the victims on Sunday, after attempts the day before were halted by strong winds.

The experienced climber Kim Chang-ho, the first South Korean to reach the summits of the world’s 14 highest mountains without using supplemental oxygen, is among the dead, as per Nepal Mountaineering Association(NMA).

One Korean climber and a Nepalese guide had left the base camp on health grounds and thus survived the ordeal, according to Santa Bir Lama-President of NMA.

“It’s a new destination, what exactly happened is difficult to report because it was night time with all climbers dead. The entire mountaineering family is in deep grief” Lama added.

The climbers – led by Kim – had been waiting for a clear weather for the summit, when the storm hit Friday.

The rarely-climbed Mount Gurja sits in Nepal’s Annapurna region, next to avalanche-prone Dhaulagiri, the world’s seventh highest mountain.

According to the Himalayan Database, no-one has stood on Gurja’s summit since 1996.

Only 30 people have successfully climbed to its peak compared with more the than 8,000 people who have reached the summit of the world’s highest mountain, Everest.