The second Syarpu Tourism Festival kicks off in Rukum(West)

अंग्रेजी अर्थ मनोरञ्जन

 Rukum/Sept 27, 2018:The second Syarpu festival has commenced in Rukum(West).

Former Minister for Home Affairs and senior leader of NCP Janardan Sharma innaugurated the festival held in the premises of Syarpu lake located Bafikot of the district on Thursday.

Also the lawmaker at the federal parliament leader Sharma said the festivals played vital roles in the tourism development in the region.

“Rukum has a lot of potentialities for tourism, the mountains once believed to be the symbol of hardships and remoteness are the very mode of attracting thousands of tourists and now they will bring us dollars,” he emphasized.

He said the organic agricultural products should be served to the guests instead of the junk food brought from the cities.


The festival has been organized with the slogan ‘The second Syarpu tourism festival for water, forest, medicinal herbs, agriculture, art-culture and our festivals’.

The organizer-Bafikot rural municipality  believes the festival would also assist in the marketing of the local products and help in preserving the local culture, music and dance forms.

The 5 days festival has attracted people from various walks of life and the neighboring districts of Jajarkot, Salyan, Rolpa, Pyuthan, Dang and even from other parts of the country.

Syarpu lake is one of the beautiful lakes of Rukum and is very famous for boating and fishing. There are large cages in the lakes for commercial fish farming.


However, one cannot find lotus blooms in the lake.


Rukum is known as the district of 53 lakes, though some may not exist till the date.

One can reach to the destination by taking a public or private vehicle from the district headquarter Khalanga.

There are flights too to Khalanga.

There are home stays also, where one can stay.

The place is not a cluster of a particular caste. There is a community of mixed caste staying together.

It was once ruled by the local kings, as the name suggests-Bafikot.

Kot is the topmost part of a mountain used by the earlier rulers for its strategical and geographical importance.

It has been visited by at least hundred people every day in other days as well.