Three New Ministers Appointed in Karnali

अंग्रेजी राजनीति

April 17, 2021/Birendranagar-
Karnali Chief Minister Mahendra Bahadur Shahi has appointed three new Ministers.

A day after his post was protected with the support of Congress and Madhav Kumar Nepal MPs, Chief Minister Shahi has selected Nanda Bahadur Budha to Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Co-operative; Kurmaraj Shahi to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Ministry and Ammar Bahadur to Physical Infrastructure Development Ministry respectively.

All the three CPN(UML) MPs had supported Shahi by crossing the floor against the party whip.

However, Prakash Jwala the former Finance Minister who had resigned some one and a half week before along with Nanda Bahadur Budha and Dal Rawal has not been in the scene.

It has been speculated that the Chief Minister must have reserved some better option for him.

The province level turmoil had first begin in Karnali and the Chief Minister has just saved himself of No confidence motion on Friday.