Today’s Nepali Marxism, Government and Corona‘s Attack: Pro.DR. Bishnu Rai

अंग्रेजी राजनीति

The second phase of Coronavirus pandemic is highly protruding pathetically in Nepal. Daily death rate of affected patients is increasing amid lack of medicine, oxygen and hospital beds. But the Marxist communist government is concentrating only on existing hegemonic power, in a unconstitutional manner though the government failed to garner majority in the parliament. The Prime Minister Oli couldn’t feel how ignorance created imbroglio in his ruling party due to his inability. Government’s violation of constitution has created anarchism in this political moment in Nepal. For example people are unable to get government service and justice due to underneath setting, even in government’s development projects.
All democratic parties and civic societies have pointed fingers towards his unconstitutional and dictatorial steps. Even in his own party he is blamed for his notorious actions and his steps against Marxist theoretical values. Therefore the ruling party has been fractioned due to Oli’s folly. Three years ago there had been unity between CPN(Maoist Centre) and CPN(UML), but now it has been divided by Supreme Court due to the Oli’s party scheming chairmanship. Obviously that is not impressive charismatic leadership action but dumbness, it’s the discredit or malign Marxism who provided honor and power to them. Perhaps the question arises whether socialism and Marxism will ever exist in Nepal, where there is no sign of reducing the gap of inequality.
People who have voted for the communist party are being discouraged. The communist government is accused that the popular communist slogan and the full name of the country Democratic Federal Republic of
Nepal is being tried to erase from the constitution, thereby insulting the majority communist flavor voters. There still prevails chaos of caste discrimination and our youths migrating abroad for job opportunities. The people charging the government to be of pseudo Marxism, as it highly promote corruption, nepotism, presumptuousness and ethnocentrism. The gist of communism ideology is the very idea of common ownership in every part of institutions, means of production being owned by the government and absence of social classes and equality in the state.
Meanwhile, there is also foreign interference also. Consequently, there is rise in internal conflict in political parties and in Nepal’s case there is political polarization due to the rift in all the parties. But some neighbours have been appreciating Oli inspite of all the wrong steps, and that shows his morals.
Many political tragedies have happened during during this government tenure, many are unconstitutional, first time a supreme court‘s verdict restated parliament. But at the same time it also splitted a political party dissolving the much hailed party unity between, Maoist Centre and UML. Again UML is being divided into two Madhav-Jhalanath and Oli group, putting the dreams of many people into limbo. Madhav group strongly blame to Oli government for being rightist wing with hegemonism, anti-inclusive democracy and capitalist and civil servant agent and against Marxism theory. For instance; government couldn’t clarify corruption charge of civic societies during the Pandemic. So there is no transparency and poor people are suffering more. All the values are being left slowly. It leaves the way for and thereby raises the giant question, whether actually there exists Marxism in Nepal?
Nepali Marxism handle with rightist: secular, federalism and inclusiveness is in trap zone. And the true communist thinkers who have been dreaming of socialism in Nepal are unhappy about the situation. Oli’s government is engulfed in civil servant, capitalism’s pimp, reactionary force creating hollow nationalism. There is corruption everywhere and each and every sector there are colours of capitalism being encouraged. Health minister said that recently anti-pandemic medicine could not be managed because of the commission agents. Is this democratic socialism or Marxism?. Every things depend on outside interference? So, it has become very difficult to define moral Nepali Marxism in contextual frame.