Nepalese Tourism Entrepreneurs During Lockdown

अंग्रेजी अन्तर्वार्ता

April 11, 2020

Nav raj Dahal, Former President Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN)

The Covid-19 has been spreading worldwide as an pandemic and all are worried about controlling it. We need to fight against it with utmost unity. Nepal Government has levied the lockdown since many days.As a citizen I have been also obedient about the Government’s move and staying home. I have been involved in house works like gardening and reading informative books. Likewsie, I have been in contact with my friends from tourism sector along others through phone calls, facebook and other medium.

Kamal Sapkota, former president VITOF Nepal
The situation has changed now. I have been reading books and doing yoga regularly. Meditation helps a lot in such time. Also have been doing house works like cleaning, cooking, washing along others. And most important have continued my online marketing of my office work as a tourism entrepreneur for the future purpose.

Tilak Lochan Lama, CEO-Himaland Adventure Treks
Well I have been trying healthy routine even during the lockdown. I take balanced diet or healthy food and exercises. Even if there is plenty of leisure time, I don’t sleep much. Other things like reading books, interacting with family and relatives and getting updates about the present scenario. Also have been working on pending projects on computer, updating the office websites and getting in touch with friends, relatives and clients abroad.

Sarita Lama, General Secretary,TAAN
These days my routine is obviously different than other time. But have been busy with something or the other. I have been busy with the emails. This is the right time to reply the mails and learning about our clients in difficult times. And this is the best time for preparation of any task or future plans.

Chitra Bh Gurung, former president VITOF Nepal
Well, now I have shifted from Kathmandu to Kaski district. Here on the high mountains full of lush greenery, I have been experiences things never seen before. I am enjoying with the nature. I had set up my Kalsee eco lodge there. Have been working on it. Getting it ready for future guests. Also have been working on it’s website updates.

Dhruba Simkhada, President-Village Tourism Promotion Forum Nepal (VITOF)
As a obedient citizen of the country have been following the lockdown rules levied by the Government. It is the most appropriate medium to control the Covid-19 disease which has taken lives of thousands of people around the globe. Mainly have been assisting my family in the domestic chores. I have been busy in learning new dishes in the kitchen, doing physical exercises, gardening, watching movies and participation in the facebook. Also have been communicating with my relatives home and abroad from distance.

Indra Bhandari, Vice-president-Nepal Air Sports Association
I had just started the apartment service for the tourists in my new house in Pokhara and the corona crisis started. We have 5 guests from Europe and the US still with us. They say it is safer in Nepal. Thus have the responsibility too. Sometimes we walk around the place maintaining the distance just for a walk and come back. The days are just passing by keeping in touch with friends through internet. Also have been doing some of the pending work at home.

Ambir Gurung, Gurung Tourism Entrepreneurs’ Association Nepal (GTEAN)
My mother is not well. She has been on liquid food since many days. So most of the time, am busy taking care of her. She cannot move without support. Thus everytime someone needs to be besides her. So during this lockdown the entire family is around her. As usual, have been communicating with some of my good friends through phone and internet.

Jusfa Pandey, General Secretary-VITOF Nepal
Since I have my own jewelery shop in Thamel, have been busy as usual with the designing work. So around 4 hours a day have been doing the jewellery designing. There is no problem regarding shortage of commodities at home. During this free time, have been busy watching television and eating what I like.

Jyotsna Sainju, CEO-Mt.Princess Dhulikhel
Yeah, not much to be mentioned, but have been busy weeding and watering plants in our garden, trying out new recipees in the kitchen and cleaning the place. Earlier was vey busy with the business. Now we are free for ourselves too. It’s a new experience !

Rishi Bhandari, MD-Satori Adventures Pvt ltd
I have been in contact with people abroad as earlier. Now it is the right time to be in contact with the relatives and know about their well beings. Most of the time we are now active in facebook. Also have been updating myself with the news and yes the Corona fear is all around, we can feel.

Sakuntala Devkota, Thamel based entrepreneur
It is always a busy time for women. Even during this lockdown we are busy cooking for family and doing the washing and scrubbing. Besides this during the free time I have been in the terrace garden, where I have grown some flowers and vegetables. It is a nice way to keep oneself busy.