US Nuclear-Powered Submarine Hits Submerged Object in South China Sea

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Friday, October 8, 2021

Nuclear-powered submarine has hit submerged object in South China Sea.

Attack class submarine USS Connecticut hit an unknown object on routine operations and is in a ‘safe and stable’ condition.

A nuclear powered US navy attack submarine has struck an object while submerged in international waters in the South China Sea, officials have said.

Eleven sailors were hurt – two suffered moderate injuries and the rest had minor scrapes and bruises, officials said. All were treated on the sub.

In a brief statement on Thursday that provided few details of the incident, which happened five days ago, US Pacific Fleet said the USS Connecticut remained in a “safe and stable condition”, that there were no life-threatening injuries and the sub was still fully operational.

The Seawolf-class submarine’s nuclear propulsion plant was not affected, it added. “The extent of damage to the remainder of the submarine is being assessed,” the statement said, adding that the incident will be investigated.

The collision comes amid escalating tensions in the region, and the same weekend that US and UK aircraft carriers conducted military exercises with Japan, Canada, the Netherlands and New Zealand just north of Taiwan.

The United Kingdom Carrier Strike Group 21 has since travelled down to the South China Sea, pointing to its vital importance as a maritime trade route.