Utilized Lockdown, Building Physical infrastructures: PL Shrestha, Thori Chief

अंग्रेजी राजनीति

Sept 24, 2020/Parsa-
Firstly what is done against Covid-19 protection?
-Though our remote municipality lies in the terai belt, we have very less Coronavirus cases. There are only 7 people infected so far. We made sure that they received the required treatment. Isolation and quarantine centers have been established for the same.

How was the lockdown period ?
-Well, as a Thori remote municipality chief I have been busy building different physical infrastructures even during the lockdown period due to outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. We made the best use of the time and didn’t stop the development works. We have focused mainly on Agriculture and Tourism!

What have been done in Agriculture?
-Here in Thori of Parsa district we have a lot of problems regarding wild animal intrusions. Since we have a long border stretch with neighboring India along our district, the animals create a lot of nuisance for our farmers. There lies the famous Balmiki Wildlife Sanctuary in Bihar of India on the other side. Also there are two wild life sanctuaries of Chitwan and Parsa too. So we have built the solar fences which liberate mild shocks to keep away the wild animals. Also we have the flooding problem during the monsoon. So we are busy building embankments, culverts and bridges. We have been also doing the plantation on both the banks of the rivers. We have also established many cooperatives in the villages for the joint efforts of the farmers for agricultural production. Shallow and deep tube wells have been dug free of cost for irrigation purpose at many places. Hand tractors, motors, pump sets have been distributed to different farmer groups. High breed seeds of different vegetables and fruits have been distributed. So far five thousand mango saplings have been distributed to the farmers. Also pesticides and medicines have been provided. And establishing different market places for sale of agricultural products.

How about the tourism?
-Different infrastructures have been built which will be support the development and promotion of tourism in our remote municipality. We have plans to make home-stays in every ward of Thori. However we have 3 proper managed home-stays so far. We have a wild life sanctuary which attracts many tourists. We have purchased some jeeps for jungle safari. Thori is famous for religious tourism and many famous sites and temples are located in the region attracting a large number of tourists even from the neighboring India. Fairs are held each year. The famous Sita gufa is located here. Also there are many parks like Manmohan Memorial Park in Goldada, Pushpalal Memorial Park in Sinhe parbat and also the Martyrs Memorial Park. We have plans to build parks in each ward.

What about the education sector?
-We have formed 7 teams to collect suggestions regarding resuming schools and also to plan the modalities. We are suppose to start the educational institutions from this month. We have been striving for quality education, making sure children get proper schooling. Also tuition centres have been established. We have plans to make 50 tuition centres for the same. Libraries have been extended in the high schools and there are plans to build play grounds in all the wards. We have plans to give scholarships to 5 overseers every year. Also to provide 1.5 lakh rupees to students who have gained full scholarship.

Any other decisions?
-We have been providing free ambulance services for child birth cases. And also provide them with 3 thousand rupees. We have been providing extra five thousand rupees annually to senior citizens. We have also plans to give one lakh rupees each to the martyrs family in our remote municipality. Different capacity building trainings have been allotted to women. And youths have been given trainings for plumber, cooking, nature guide, refrigerator and repairing of electronic appliances etc.