Village tourism can upgrade the life of Nepalese ! Dhruba Simkhada-Chairman, VITOF-Nepal

अंग्रेजी अन्तर्वार्ता अर्थ

 How do you feel after becoming the president of VITOF-Nepal?

-A responsibility to assist in the development of tourism in the village has been assigned to us. I feel encouraged !

What has been done so far?

-We were elected on 31st July 2018. So three months now. We began the regular works of the organization. Our major responsibility is developing and promoting tourism in the remote villages and thereby increase the living standard of the local people. In course of finding new village destinations; we have added Doramba of Ramechhap, Murma located near Rara lake in Mugu and Rainaskot of Lamjung in the list. Each of them have their own scenic beauty, background and unique natural features. We are planning different trainings too. Also, different farm-trips have been planned.

What is ‘Farm-trip’?

-Farm-trip is a trip in which a group of people from different media, government offices, tourism entrepreneurs join in to visit beautiful places; which have a lot of potentiality for tourism.

So what are other plans in future?

-Our main task is to expand our chapters in different provinces, as the country has entered the federal phase. So we shall have VITIOF-Nepal committees through out the country. Our responsibility is also to find new tourism destinations rich in culture and natural beauty. Our intentions are to attract both domestic and international tourists. This will for sure bring employment in the villages and lead to prosperity. Village tourism can only upgrade life of Nepalese !

What the Government should do?

-The Government has not been serious at all towards the development of tourism in the villages; though Tourism Minister Rabindra Adhikari has made some commitments for the same. The longer the tourists stay in a particular place; the better it is for the development of tourism. But this is only possible if the tourists are happy during their stay. For this there need to be development of proper physical infrastructure in the region. There should be proper access of transportation. The Government needs to form policies and budgets for the same. It needs to concentrate on village tourism.

What about eco-tourism?

-We have been always stressing on organic farms around the villages. The villagers need to be encouraged to serve the organic food produced locally to the guests. Environmental cleanliness is also a must.

Anything else?

-Economic prosperity of a particular region is only possible with proper planning. It is just not enough by declaring a particular village as a new tourist destination. All the possible attractions around the villages should be listed down first and planned accordingly. The belt should be expanded to give a variety of taste to the guests. The Government should support for the same.

Finally I wish all a very happy Vijaya Dashami and Tihar on behalf of VITOF-Nepal family and myself !