Ward Chief’s Marigold Farm


A ward chief of Hetauda Sub-metropolitan has been engaged in flori-culture. Lalit Ghalan, the chief of ward number 12 has started his own marigold flower farm this year. He has already earned 2 lakh rupees before the Hindu festive season has begun. He expects the earning to increase more by one lakh rupees. Since it was his first time experience, the second lot would be more wisely planned. He has invested around one lakh rupees in the farm so far. If you go to Hattigauda, you can see the beautiful land of flowers. People from different walks of life throng here, to click pictures in the beautiful farm. It is also a means to refresh oneself. The family always welcome the visitors happily. This is Ghalan’s first experiment with flori-culture and it has become a success. He brought the flower seeds from a relatives agro-based shop in Kathmandu. He is glad to see his hard work bloom in the form of the beautiful flower. Since long time he has been involved in poultry farm. He still has the poultry farm of around two thousand chickens. Earlier he used also produce the eggs.

“Every time we hear news about flowers being imported from other countries, I used to feel bad. And I think we should become self-dependent at least in agriculture. Therefore my thought is to encourage others too,” he informed.

He has a joint family comprising of 15 members. So all are engaged in the farming task except five school going children. Sometimes when there is a need to meet the urgent demand; some village women are called  for marigold picking and garland making. So some people outside family have been also getting employment opportunities. Therefore, it is not that he is in his farm throughout the day. Whoever has to place the order needs to directly contact him. His aim is to discourage the middle person in agriculture. According to him when the middle person or the agents become active, the peasants don’t get the actual value of their hard work. So when there is any wedding party, puja or religious ceremonies, conferences or any other occasion; they approach him for the fresh flowers. Marigold has it’s own significance in Nepalese culture. The flowers in Ghalan’s farm are totally organic too. This is because no chemical fertilizer is used in the farm. Only the feces of chickens and cow-dungs are used fornthe same. But one thing is for sure, they never sell the flowers to the middle person i,e they directly sell them to the consumers. This time there was demand of around ten thousand marigold garlands; but they could supply only around four thousand. This has brought a new kind of enthusiasm in the family. Therefore , Ghalan says if a person wishes to seek self-employment there are hundreds of alternatives. And that since Nepal is an agriculture based country, with the fading time new techniques and modernization should be brought in agriculture too.